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Dated: 26 April 2011

Poor Quality Roadworks Leave Councils With The Bill


Roadworks are an unwelcome sight for most motorists, however there is often a resignation that although they are annoying, they are necessary. However, recent reports have indicated that inferior roadworks in England & Wales are costing taxpayers somewhere in the region of £70 million a year, according to the Local Government Association.

The LGA claims that in the majority of instances, council workers are required to fix the problems left by contractors who have been hired by utility companies.

Of the two million holes dug up on the roads of England and Wales last year, around 360,000 were not in fact completed to the prearranged specifications.

In most cases the repairs were either late in being completed or were not repaired to a satisfactory level.

The Chairman of the economy and transport board for the LGA, Councillor Peter Box, was recently quoted on MSN cars saying, "contractors should not be allowed to get away with botching road repairs and then leaving council taxpayers to foot the bill."

"Roadworks are a pet hate of all motorists. Many would no doubt be surprised to learn that most road closures don't even result in the condition of roads improving and many actually make them worse."

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