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Dated: 08 April 2011

Petrol Prices Forcing Builder to Sleep in Van


The astronomical rise in petrol prices has become so bad for one builder from Doddington, Cambridgshire, that the 3 hour round trip to his work in Essex is now too expensive.

To save money, Dennis Stapleton has resorted to sleeping four nights a week in the back of his van.

Talking to the BBC, he said, "It used to cost me £20 a day to drive there and back. Now it's gone up to around £35 so to save money I sleep in the van four nights a week."

Increasing unrest across the Middle East and Northern Africa, as well as a weak Pound against the USA Dollar, has put a lot of pressure of the price of crude oil. This then has a knock on effect for the price of petrol and diesel.

Already, as we recently reported, the 1p fuel duty cut from the Chancellor’s budget has been swallowed up by increasing prices.
Talking further with the BBC, David Stapleton said, "I just wish fuel would come down. At the moment I've got to find a means to survive."

"It gets a bit cold at night," he said. "But I'm saving around £600 every month and you can't argue with that, can you?"

You can see the BBC interview with David here.

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