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Dated: 01 April 2011

Motorbike Safety Tip #5


Today marks the start of TyreSafe’s motorbike tyre safety month. So once again, we’re going to look at the tyres of your motorbike - particularly, the tread.

“The tread of a tyre has the purpose of improving the grip of a motorcycle. Different designs will have varying effects, depending on the road conditions.

“Generally, a motorcycle tyre will have wear indicators within the groove of the tread. If you are able to see these, it is a sign that your tyre is beginning to get close to the minimum legal tread depth required by law. It is a good idea to replace your tyres sooner rather than later once these begin to show.

 “Currently, the law says that for motorcycles – over 50cc – must have, as a minimum, 1mm of tread depth on the tyres across 75% of the circumference of the tyres.
 “However, it is a widely acknowledged fact that once the tread depth goes below 2mm, the handling, braking and overall performance of a tyre will begin to deteriorate. Therefore it would be wise to start sourcing replacement tyres when the depth is below 2mm.

“As well as the depth of the tread, always remember to keep a close eye on the overall condition of your tyres. Especially look out for bulges or tears in the in the surface or sidewall of the tyre. Any damage – never mind how slight – could quickly escalate into a larger problem if left.

“Stay smart and stay safe.”

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