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Dated: 13 April 2011

With the Easter holidays fast approaching and thoughts turning to fun trips to take, Blakcircles.com is urging drivers to take 15 minutes to ensure that they remain safe on the roads.

It is estimated that around 20 million motor vehicles will be taking to the roads this Easter heightening the potential for accidents. Add to that damaged surfaces and the abundance of potholes on UK roads and it is vital that drivers take every precaution to ensure their road safety.

To help drivers with their Easter road safety, Blackcircles.com has been speaking to garage owner Norman Hopkirk, of Tweeddale Motors, who has five safety tips that can be carried out in 15 minutes.

  1. Check under the bonnet fluid levels – anti-freeze, brake fluid, screen wash and oil. Norman advises: "Not being able to see the road clearly ahead of you, less responsive brakes and motorway breakdowns all carry the potential of a major accident. These simple checks before you head off for Easter will go a long way to ensuring your safety
  2. Check your tyre tread and inflation. Norman advises: "Under-inflation can cause rapid wear of the tread shoulders while over-inflation results in accelerated wear on the tread centre. Both impact on a driver’s ability to manoeuvre and brake safely."
  3. Ensure wiper blades are working correctly. Norman advises: "It is dangerous to drive in bad weather without a pair of good windshield wipers. They ensure you maintain maximum visibility and if this is comprised because of poor wipers you should be very concerned."
  4. Make sure your windscreen washer is working. Norman advises: "It is all too easy for dirt to obscure your windscreen and the last thing you want is to be moving in traffic or driving at night and not being able to see clearly."
  5. Ensure seat belts are not frayed. Norman advises: "We use our seatbelts every time we get in a car so it is vital to check they are not fraying and risking injury in the event of an accident."

Mike Welch, Managing Director of Blackcircles.com, said: "The extra vehicles on the road at Easter means that drivers need to be even more vigilant than normal. These simple five tips will ensure that you are taking positive steps towards ensuring you remain safe on the roads over the holidays. The difference between being safe and taking a chance is only 15 minutes and for the safety of you and your passengers and a happy Easter it is better to be safe."

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