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Dated: 27 April 2011

Latest Continental Tyres Launched


Recently, Continental released two new tyre models into the market - namely the ContiEcoContact™ 5 and the ContiSportContact™ 5.

So, what has been improved with these new tyres and what makes them worthy successors to the ContiEcoContact™ 3 and ContiSportContact™ 3?

Good question, we’re glad you asked.

The Continental Eco Contact 5

According to Continental, this new model was designed with both safety and the environment in mind.

In the past trying to combine improved braking distances – in both wet and dry conditions – with a decrease in rolling resistance, was not an easy task.

In this new tyre, Continental claim to have married these two highly sought after features better than any tyre before.

They believe that the three main characteristics of this tyre are:

  1. Optimised rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption.
  2. High braking safety and short braking distances on wet roads.
  3. Best handling on wet and dry roads.

At the time of launch, the ContiEcoContact™ 5 was available in the following sizes:

  • 165/70 R 14 T
  • 185/60 R 15 H XL
  • 195/60 R 15 H
  • 205/60 R 16 W XL
  • 215/55 R 16 W XL
  • 225/55 R 16 Y XL

The Continental Sport Contact 5

For a tyre range which offers high performance for sporty cars and 4x4s, the emphasis for Continental in terms of improvements seems to have been focused on better cornering abilities and enhanced braking.

Through new shoulder block design and a new ‘Black Chilli compound’ the latest ContiSportContact™ boasts “unlimited driving fun thanks to excellent grip.”

In a recent press release announcing the new range, Continental named the three biggest improvements as:

  1. Shorter braking distances in all weather conditions.
  2. Excellent road grip and safety when cornering.
  3. Reduced fuel consumption and high mileage.

At the time of launch, the ContiSportContact™ 5 was available in the following sizes:

  • 205/50 R 17 W XL
  • 205/45 R 17 W XL
  • 215/50 R 17 W XL
  • 215/45 R 17 W / W XL
  • 225/50 R 17 Y XL
  • 225/45 R 18 Y XL
  • 235/45 R 18 Y XL
  • 235/55 R 18 V
  • 255/50 R 19 Y XL
  • 275/45 R 19 Y XL
  • 275/40 R 20 Y XL
  • 275/45 R 20 Y XL

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