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Dated: 11 April 2011

Government Wants To Extend Period Between MOT Tests


New plans put forward by the Government have stated that they believe the time between MOT tests should be every other year, instead of annually.

Two of the main reasons behind the planned change is that new cars are far more safe than they were when the MOT laws were first drawn up and the Government also believes that the changes will save motorists money.

The rules on the length of time between MOT tests have remained the same since their introduction back in 1967.

The Transport Secretary Philip Hammond is in support of the potential change and was quoted on the Which? website as saying, “car technology has come a long way since the 1960s when the MOT regime was introduced. That’s why we think its right to check whether we still have the right balance of MOT testing for modern vehicles.”

The main concern for those opposed to the Government’s plans is the safety implications. Older vehicles generally develop more faults than newer vehicles and if they are not tested on an annual basis, these mechanical failings may not get picked up by the owner, which in turn increases the chance of their vehicle being involved in a crash.

The President of AA, Edmund King, has strongly voiced his concern over the proposed change by saying, “even if you have a new car that is three years old, it can still have bald tyres and failing lights.

“We have surveyed 60,000 drivers and most of them think we should stick with the current regime. Rather than being a burden on the driver, we think it’s a good safety reminder for once a year.”

Another argument put forward by those against the potential change is that it could be bad news for independent garages. At present there are roughly 19,000 garages in the UK who are authorised to carry out a MOT.

Many of these garages rely on the annual MOT as an important source of income. If the time in between tests is reduced then there are a number of garages who could be faced with financial problems.

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