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Dated: 11 April 2011

Don’t Take Bike Tyre Safety Lightly


Recently, the Department for Transport released new figures which detailed road casualty figures. Out of these new figures, there was a reported 82 accidents on British roads in 2009 where tyres were the cause.

These statistics come right in the middle of Bike Tyre Safety month and despite the fact that they were down slightly compared to 2008, the chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson has spoken out saying that each one was avoidable.

On the TyreSafe website, Stuart Jackson was quoted as saying, “whilst we welcome the news that there are fewer tyre related motorbike accidents, the number is still far too high. Tyres play a crucial part, perhaps the most important role, when it comes to motorbike safety as they are the only point of contact that the bike has with the road surface.”

It is important for bikers to check their tyres on a regular basis. By making sure that bike owners keep a regular eye on the condition of the tyre (i.e., making sure that the tread depth has not become too low and that there are no cracks, bulges or gauges in the tyre is very important).

Just as important as the general health of the tyre is making sure that the air pressure within your tyres is correct. If the pressure is too low, then this can lead to irregular wear, which in turn can severely shorten the lifespan and safety of the tyre.

Stuart Jackson also added, “to help avoid becoming another road casualty statistic, riders should check their tyres at least once a week. Particular attention should also be paid before the first ride of the season, especially if their motorbike has been stored in the garage over the winter months.”

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