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Dated: 19 April 2011

Can Tyres Improve Fuel Efficiency?


As you will be painfully aware – unless you have been a) pulling a Rip Van Winkle or b) living in a tree house, deep in the New Forest – the price of petrol is continually rising, climbing higher on a weekly basis.

Already the planned 1p fuel duty cut announced in the 2011 Budget has been swept aside and with a number of sources predicting we could hit 160p a litre by winter, it does not look like the ongoing pricing onslaught is likely to abate any time soon.

What can be done?

Many people are asking this question. Some are getting angry, and many more getting worried. But for those out there who wish to try and find solutions to reducing the amount of money they currently spend on petrol, think about your tyres.

Tyres are and always will be – until we invent the flying car – one of the most important factors in trying to reduce the fuel economy of a vehicle.

For quite some time tyre manufacturers have been aware of the need for tyres which help the car to use as little fuel as possible. New tread designs, new rubber compounds and new technologies have been developed as part of the ongoing war against petrol prices and inefficient fuel consumption.

Although the use of these tyres will not actively bring down the cost of petrol, it will reduce the amount of petrol you consume during a period of time. Helping to lower the amount of money you spend on fuelling your car.

If you are concerned with the amount of money you spend on petrol and have not previously thought about how efficient tyres can aid you in reducing the fuel bill, have a look around, do some research or call one of our tyre experts for a chat on which tyres can help you save money.

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