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Dated: 04 April 2011

Bringing Your Motorbike Out of Winter Storage


The weather has taken a turn for the better over the past few weeks, leading many motorbike owners to bring their prized possessions out of winter storage.

For this reason, TyreSafe – the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation – has released a statement which reminds bikers to double check their tyres before heading out on this year’s first ride.

Stuart Jackson, the Chairman of TyreSafe, said, “if a bike is not stored properly over the winter months then its tyres can become illegal.

“However, staying the right side of the law shouldn’t be the only consideration as rubber deterioration can lead to a drop in pressure and cracking amongst other things which can compromise safety. So, carrying out a full tyre ‘health check’ is vital to avoid becoming another road casualty statistic.”

One potentially fatal occurrence that can take place if a bike it not stored correctly is rubber deterioration of the tyres. If this is not spotted – typical signs are cracking of the surface – then the rider could put themselves in serious danger when taking the bike out on the road.

The condition of the tyre is not the only thing that bikers should check. The tyre pressure is also something that will need tested. Over the winter, the air pressure within the tyres will have inevitably reduced, so it is important that you check and pump your tyres up to the required pressure.

If the air pressure of your tyres is too long, your fuel consumption will drastically increase and you run the heightened risk of blowing a tyre when out on the road.

Stuart Jackson concluded TyreSafe’s recent statement by saying, “the tyres are the only point of contact with road so play a central role in bike safety. Ensuring that they are up to the job should be the number one priority for all motorcyclists before heading out on a ride.”

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