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Dated: 28 April 2011

BMW’s Electric Motorcycle is Putting Safety First


With Motorbike Tyre Safety month coming to an end, we’ve been looking around for some interesting bike safety news.

What we found was this odd looking creation from BMW. Recently developed, this new motorbike is powered by electricity.

The new vehicle – called the C1-E – was developed as part of the European motorbike safety project, eSUM (European Safer Urban Motorcycling). 

When looking at the vehicle, the main characteristics of this new model – which is based on the concept of the BMW C1 – are more than obvious: safety.

 The rider’s safety is paramount. The roll-over bar which covers the rider’s seat is the first sign that BMW are serious about trying to reduce the chances of a rider coming to harm. As well as the roll over bar, the rider also has a seat-belt.

The safety features have impressed law agencies throughout the EU and at present the C1-E is the only "motorised single-track vehicle" which does not require the rider to wear a helmet by law. This is for most European countries, not all.

Not only does the C1-E pride itself on safety, but it is also environmentally friendly, with no emissions coming from its 125V plug-in Li-ion battery.

We can perhaps picture this vehicle touring the streets of Monte Carlo, but we’re not quite sure if it would look right working its way through the colder streets of Inverness. 

At any rate, we’re just happy to see that motorbike safety is still a pressing subject for many vehicle manufacturers.

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