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Dated: 25 April 2011

Audi A7 Made From Paper


If you are looking at the picture of the Audi A7 and wondering what is off about it, you may – or may not – be surprised to learn that this model is actually made entirely from paper.

Not only has the exterior been painstakingly reconstructed, but even the interior of the car has been expertly constructed using nothing but sheets of paper.

The artist who created this amazing 4 foot long papercraft replica was Taras Lesko, a graphic design artist.

Commissioned by Audi of America, he used 285 piece of paper – upon which 750 model pieces were printed.

With nothing more than a laser printer, a couple of desktop cutting plotters, some glue and an X-Acto knife thrown in for good measure, Lesko was able to construct the paper Audi A7 in just under 245 hours.

Through the magic of editing, a video has been created which shows the whole process – boiled down to a bite-size 2 minutes and 52 seconds.


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