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Dated: 23 September 2010

Secure Cars to Reduce Chance of a Break-in


The RAC website recently picked up on a good point in relation to car insurance. It seems that police in Bedford have strongly advised that motorists ensure their cars are secure when left unattended. This is in light of a recent surge in the number of car break-ins.

It seems that in 54% of cases, the victims of the crime admitted to making the job easy for the criminals. Unsurprisingly, the items that have been stolen from the cars are what we have come to expect:  mp3 players, laptops, keys, tools, cameras, stereo fascias, cash, wallets, bank statements, purses and sat navs.

Now, for those who do find themselves on the receiving end of a crime that involves their car, the chances are very high that your car insurance premiums will go when it comes time to renew your policy.

On the RAC breakdown website, Lara Curtayne, Crime Reduction Officer in Bedford, has been quoted as saying, "take the time to try the door handle just to make sure and, of course, never leave anything tempting on view in the car."

So, if you don’t want to a) be the victim of this sort of crime and b) don’t want to see your insurance premiums go up, follow the Bedfordshire Police advice which states that people should take basic, common sense precautions to reduce the chances of a break-in as much as possible.

Little things you can do include closing all the windows and sunroof, locking all the doors – including the boot and making sure that all personal items are either removed from the car, or hidden away.

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