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Dated: 09 September 2010

New Eco Friendly Bridgestone Tyre Launched


If you are a fan of Bridgestone tyres, you may remember the Ecopia EP150 being revealed to the world at last year’s International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. However, whether you do or don’t remember the unveiling is neither here nor there. What is important though, is that this new eco-friendly tyre is now finally being launched. 

The new tyre is said to finally bring together the previously hard to achieve combination of top class wet handling and a reduced rolling resistance. Overall, this doesn’t just improve the safety aspects of the vehicle that they are fitted to, but also lowers the amount of CO2 emissions expelled into the atmosphere.

The way in which Bridgestone has accomplished this breakthrough is by developing a Nano Pro-Tech™ compound. This breakthrough in tyre technology combined with a brand new tread design which enhances contact pressure and wet braking performance.

According to testing and research carried out by Japanese Tyre Manufacturer when the Ecopia EP150 is compared with other Bridgestone products in the same dimensions, “the Ecopia EP150 has a 15% improved rolling resistance which makes it, on average around 3%  more fuel efficient and achieves a reduction in CO2 output of around 3%.”

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