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Dated: 15 September 2010

Michelin Family Court Battle


Court proceedings have begun to decide whether Jean-Philippe Rouchon, from the Puy de Dôme, is entitled to a share in the Michelin family fortune. Mr. Rouchon has claimed that he is a direct descendant of André Michelin – one of the two founding Michelin brothers.

Before entering the court in Paris, Mr. Rouchon said (originally in French), "I am thirsty for justice. This brings back very painful memories; it's like ... a wound that won't heal".

"I want the rest of the family to recognise that I am his son, to carry his name, for my mother and above my children. And I want it to be said officially: the financial side is another matter, I have the right to my share just like the others."

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Rouchon claim is that he is the son of Patrice Michelin - André Michelin’s grandson. To back this up, he has previously provided the court with a blood test from 1969 and a document that apparently shows that his estranged father provided financial support to his mother. Despite Patrice Michelin’s apparent acceptance of his son, Mr Rouchon was not included in his will.

The courts are expected to make a verdict on the case within the next few weeks.

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