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Dated: 14 September 2010

Lenient Courts Letting Bad Drivers Continue


According to Government records, it seems that there are potentially thousands of motorists with more than 12 penalty points on their licence were allowed to carry on driving instead of having their licences provoked. All thanks to lenient courtroom judges.

Figures from the DVLA have shown that over 10,000 motorists were due to suffer a ban that would last 12 months, but instead they were let off. One of the most staggering “get out of jail free” cards was handed to a 27-year-old individual from Teeside who managed to accumulate 54 points – that is well over four times the limit.

The agency’s figures also show that around 31,100 motorists did in fact lose their licence, but the news – first published in a Sunday newspaper - that more than an alarming one in four were actually permitted to carry on driving has led to stern criticism for all those involved within the courts.

The AA’s Head of Road Safety, Andrew Howard, has recently been quoted as saying, "You are not talking about someone who has made one mistake, but four."

"If a quarter of motorists are getting let off, we seem to have forgotten the purpose of the law is to inconvenience those who repeatedly break it."

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