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Dated: 06 September 2010

Dundee Drivers Worst for Neglecting Tyres


According to a recent survey carried out by Michelin, drivers in Dundee are the worst in the country for neglecting their tyres.
The results come from a survey of over 4,500 vehicles from across the nation. Not only were the drivers putting themselves at risk by driving around on underinflated tyres, but in the report it is estimated that they are wasting £1.9million worth of fuel and are releasing an extra 4079 tonnes of CO2 into the air.

Perhaps the most alarming of the figures released by the French Tyre Manufacturer, was the fact that 9% of those checked in Dundee were actually driving around on punctured tyres.

Peter Snelling, Michelin’s head of communications, said, "This is the perfect opportunity for motorists in Dundee to come and learn how driving with the correct tyre pressure can be beneficial to their bank balance, as well as the environment.

"Driving with the correct tyre pressure also increases safety. It really could be a matter of life and death and people should get into the habit of checking their tyre pressures every month or before a long journey."

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