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Dated: 22 October 2010

Winter Tyre Safety Checks


Snow has started falling on the British Isles and all signs are pointing to a frozen winter just like last year. The one good thing about the atrocious weather conditions last year was that it did bring forward the awareness of the need for winter tyres. So far this year, there has been a massive push from tyre retailers and tyre manufacturers alike as they try and spread the message that you can severly reduce your chances of crashing on snow or ice covered roads when you have a good set of winter tyres fitted to your car.

The response from the public has been very encouraging with many orders come in every day for sets of winter tyres. So now that more people are fitting these tyres, what we feel we need to point out – without it seeming like we are trying to teach our Grandmother to suck eggs – is that tyre safety checks need to be continually carried out.

Just with summer tyres, winter tyres need to be checked on a regular basis for signs of irregular wear or bulges on the sidewall. The tread depth needs to be tested at least once or twice a month and the tyre pressure levels need to be checked once a fortnight or before a long journey – something which is quite common at this time of year as the Christmas holidays approach.

Don’t take winter tyres for granted, they are just as susceptible to outside factors as a summer tyre (maybe even more so because they are mainly used to bad driving conditions) so it is best to keep an eye on them to help you stay safe.

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