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Dated: 01 October 2010

Tyre Safety Month Kicks Off


Well, it is now October and that means that tyre safety month is underway. In a month in which retailers, manufacturers and others within the motor industry band together to try and raise the awareness of tyre safety, Blackcircles.com urges everyone to take heed of all the advice being given out.

Last year alone there were over 200 deaths on the roads of Britain due to unsafe tyres.  Despite this number going down when you compare the figures year on year, this month is set to be the most publicised tyre safety month to date.

In a similar message to last year, motorists are urged to ensure that their tread depth is of a legal limit by checking it with a twenty pence piece (To carry out this test, put a 20p in the treads grooves. If you can see the out edges of the coin, you need to change your tyres!).

It is also heavily advised that vehicle owners check the tyre pressure at least once every two weeks.  Having the wrong air pressure in your tyres can cause your vehicle to consume more fuel than is necessary – thanks to an increase in rolling resistance – and in worst case scenarios can cause the tyre fail.

After the winter we had last year, many within the tyre industry are using this time of enhanced tyre awareness to try and get across the strong argument for fitting your car with winter tyres during the winter months.

Many people were caught out last year with the extreme freeze that gripped the nation. Not every case would have obviously been fixed with winter tyres; however a substantial numbers of cases would have been nowhere near as bad with these tyres. This is because Winter Tyres that are specially designed to exceed in temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius and below.

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