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Dated: 06 October 2010

Tyre Pressure iPhone App Launched


When is the perfect time of year for an iPhone app to be launched that helps users find out the correct pressure their tyres should be? That’s right - tyre safety month. This is exactly what the innovative team over at TyreSafe has done.

iPhone users within the UK are now able to download the app (for free) which – after they input their vehicle’s registration number – displays what the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends their tyre pressure should be. It is displayed in both psi and bar format. 

Stuart Jackson, the TyreSafe chairman was quoted on their website as saying, “Many drivers tell us that they don’t check their tyre pressures because they are unsure of the correct settings.

“The new TyreSafe iPhone app completely removes this problem and instantly provides drivers with their car’s tyre pressure information. So whether they’re on their driveway at home, the supermarket filling station or at the services on the motorway, iPhone users can be sure of having the correct information to hand.”

A big part of tyre safety is making sure that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. If a tyre’s pressure is at the incorrect level, they can suffer from extreme tyre failure – such as a blow out. These type of errors often happen at high speeds as the tyre heats up to dangerous levels.

In less extreme cases tyres with the wrong pressure the steering of the car as well as the grip are also affected. In all circumstances the wrong tyre pressure also increases the fuel consumption of a vehicle.

So it is strongly adviced that motorists check their tyre pressure at least once every two weeks, or before a long journey. If you do not have an iPhone and want to find out your tyre pressure in the old fashioned way, you will more than likely find it in your vehicle handbook, or inside the fuel filler cap.

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