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Dated: 20 October 2010

New Tyre Control System Set To Slash Haulier Costs


A new ‘Central Tyre Inflation System’ has been developed which allows drivers to use pre-set tyre pressures corresponding to a lorry’s speed and tyre load. These preset figures can then be used to improve the driving experience on different roads and with different loads.

Not only will this help the tyres and vehicles to which it is fitted, but by spreading the load across a larger tyre footprint the technology helps to reduce damage to fragile roads. So far the tyre pressure control system has been trialled for timber Lorries in Wales and has so far received very high praise. What seems to have impressed the Hauliers who have been testing the device is that is has helped to cut the cost of road maintenance and improve tyre wear.

The Confederation of Forest Industries (UK) Ltd’s Manager Kath McNulty commented that, “It is the first time that such systems have been tried on winding rural roads in Wales and they are already beginning to prove their worth, although it is still too early in the trial to come to any firm conclusions”.

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