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Dated: 26 October 2010

Michelin Helping to Keep Tyres Inflated


Yesterday, news was released that Michelin are claiming to have - as part of their annual ‘Fill Up With Air campaign’- helped in the region of 5,000 motorists throughout the UK save money on their fuel bills.

Since the start of May earlier this year, Michelin have been travelling throughout UK demonstrating to motorists just how important keeping tyres inflated to the correct air pressure is. The French Manufacturer is of the opinion that this year’s campaign has significantly lowered the levels of CO2 emissions that the participating motorists would normally have expelled when driving – around 145 tonnes.

Peter Snelling, the head of communications at Michelin, was quoted as saying, “The ‘Fill Up With Air Campaign’ has been the biggest to date, reaching thousands of motorists. Not only does driving with the wrong pressures have an effect on the environment, but it can seriously compromise safety.
“Tyres that are under inflated can cause poor handling on the road and potentially lead to serious accidents and put lives at risk. There are lots of ways that people can help to cut their carbon footprint and keeping tyres at the correct pressure is a simple and very cheap solution.”

According to Typress.com – the leading online tyre news source – who covered the story yesterday, Michelin’s campaign has so far found that 37% of motorists in the UK were driving around with “dangerous or very dangerous” tyres fitted. Perhaps most shocking was the fact that over 5%  were in fact driving with at least one puncture.

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