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Dated: 14 October 2010

BMW Drivers Named the Nation's Angriest Motorists


Yesterday, the results of a poll created by GoCompare.com were released. The aim was to try and find out who the angriest road users were in the UK. Surprisingly – or maybe not depending on your experinces – the worst motorists for road rage was named as BMW drivers. They were followed closely by white van drivers.

The survey was completed by over 3,000 drivers from across the UK and over 50% of those who answered the questions made the claim that they had been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty road rage from drivers sat behind the wheel of a BMW.

Perhaps the most worrying statistic to come from the survey was that over 65% of the motorists said that they came into contact with at least one angry driver every hour they were out on the road.

On the UK's version of the autoblog website, Chief Operating Officer at GoCompare, Lee Griffin, was quoted as saying, "it only takes one wrong decision or thoughtless maneuver to cause a really serious accident - and if you're thinking about waving an angry fist at someone, your full attention isn't on the road."

Of those who had been involved in a road traffic accident, 10% said that it had been in a direct result of a case of road rage – it wasn’t made clear however if these people were the ones who had in fact lost their tempers!

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