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Dated: 23 November 2010

Michelin Dedicated To Reducing Carbon Footprint


Michelin recently announced their pledge to vastly improve their green efforts and significantly reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

At present, the French tyre manufacturer has three sites in the UK. At these sites, there are policies being put in place that will see them choosing their raw materials with greater awareness as to how the raw materials affect the levels of CO2 released during the manufacture process.

Already, Michelin have already made improvements in their UK based sites. Small things like the replacement of the old light fittings with more modern energy saving ones in their Stoke based tyre warehouse have helped to lower the amount of energy used by around 110,000kwh a month. This type of action didn’t come cheap either, with the replacements costing in the region of £70,000.

According to Michelin, they have put a lot of focus on reducing their water consumption as they believe it to be one of the simplest ways to reduce their energy levels. For this reason, they have installed a number of meters on site which monitor water usage. By doing this, they have been able to lower the annual water consumption by around 60,000m3.

Mindful of the impact that they and other corporations have on the environment, Michelin are actively reaching out to other companies in a bid to try and encourage them to take a long look at their own energy consumption. Then, where applicable, try to find ways to reduce it.

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