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Dated: 11 November 2010

German Winter Tyre Laws Explained


Yesterday, Tyrepress.com published an article detailing that the new legislation in Germany – that deals with the usage of winter tyres – and clarifying what this now means for German motorists.

Last year 87% of the drivers in German had winter tyres fitted to their car despite there being no concrete laws which require them to do so. Now however the German transport minister, Peter Ramsauer, has released a statement removing any doubt as to what the law is set to enforce.

In his statement Peter Ramsauer said, “we are now introducing a concrete version (of winter tyre requirements) into legislative procedure and, with this, certainty of law for our roads… we are defining what will be deemed a winter tyre in the future.”

This new section set to be added to the highway code in Germany states that motorists must have tyres fitted to their car – whether it is all-season or winter  - which have the symbol M&S on their sidewall.

According to the article published by Typress.com, motorists are now legally required to have these kind of tyres fitted to their vehicle when “they are travelling on roads with hard-packed snow, slush, black ice and frost covered roads.”

For those who do not follow these new winter tyre laws, the motorist will also lose one point from their license and they run the risk of being fined 40 Euros, with the fine doubling if they are the cause for any traffic delays.

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