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Dated: 09 November 2010

Continental Predicts Another Chaotic Winter Period


According to new research carried out by Continental Tyres, half of the drivers in the UK – roughly 17 million drivers - are unprepared for likelihood of another ruthless winter.

Despite that twice this year the roads were brought to a standstill because of the snow, the new study shows that millions of motorists are not taking heed of the many warnings that this winter could be just as bad. 

Continental revealed that around 45% are not planning on checking their tyres have the UK legal tread depth and around 28% drivers will not pack an array of useful items such as water, warm clothes and food in their vehicles.
One scary figure to come out of the research was that around 47% of British motorists are currently unaware of the existence of winter tyres exist, despite the fact that they dramatically improve stopping distances, ensuring safer driving over the winter months.

Yesterday Tracey Hyem, a safety expert for Continental Tyres which carried out the research among 3,000 drivers nationwide, said: ''We are not getting the message and that means more misery this winter as too many on the roads simply fail to prepare for the conditions we will face.

''We know what to expect. It is going to be darker in the mornings as we drive to work and lower temperatures will mean ice will become a factor both at the start and the end of the day. Even if it doesn’t reach freezing point the rubber compound used in normal tyres starts to harden below seven degrees meaningless grip on the road and longer stopping distances. All drivers are advised to fit winter tyres which are developed specifically to work more effectively in colder temperatures. All good tyre retailers will stock them and can give advice to motorists.

"It also emerged seven out of ten drivers won't be carrying a warning triangle while a similar number won't have jump leads to re-start a flat battery or oil and water to top up levels in their motor."

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