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Dated: 10 November 2010

Another Car Manufacturer Backs Winter Tyres


It’s a hot topic at the moment. No matter where you search online for tyres, the winter variety are being discussed and debated.

The most recent company to throw in their thoughts on the topic is Suzuki. The Japanese based multinational vehicle manufacturer has come out with a strong statement that backs the call for motorists to fit winter tyres to their vehicles over these next few months.

In a statement, Michael-Le Flay, Suzuki’s Aftersales Marketing Manager, explained: “Many people are unaware of the fact that when temperatures drop below 7°C, the rubber in standard tyres becomes harder and less flexible, which affects braking and cornering performance.

“It doesn’t matter how many electronic aids your car may have, the quality of its tyres is critical. The compound used for winter tyres, and their tread design are tailored to cope with adverse conditions, so that the best levels of car control can be maintained. The result is a significant improvement in braking performance of up to 25 per cent as well as better grip.”

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