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Dated: 28 May 2010

Summer Holiday Driving Advice


Well, May is pretty much over and done with. That means the school holidays are bearing down upon us and many of you will be preparing summer trips around the country, so we thought that this would be a good point in time to point out 5 summer driving tips to keep you and your family safe whilst out on the roads.

  1. Don't drive tired - the most common time for when it comes to falling asleep at the wheel is the early hours of the morning. Before you set off, get a good sleep the night before. Try to avoid a heavy meal before driving never drink alcohol before setting off. 
  2. It pays to take a few moments before getting n the car to check the traffic and weather conditions for the route you are about to take.
  3. Take plenty of breaks, especially if you have children travelling with you. A short break keeps your mind alert and goes towards to helping promote blood circulation. It also lets the vehicle cool down.
  4. Chill out and avoid potential road rage situations. It's not worth it.
  5. Dress suitably. Loose fitting shoes or even bare feet will affect your ability to control the car.

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