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Dated: 12 May 2010

Insurance Providers May Not Cover Fuelling Errors


It is a mistake that can be easy to make – your car takes diesel, but you refuel it using petrol (or vice versa) – but a recent warning from Confused.com has warned that it could also be an incredibly expensive one. The online insurance comparison website has told drivers to be aware that many insurance providers will not cover a refuelling error within a policy. This is something that is also not specifically stated in many terms and conditions.

Head of motor insurance for Confused.com, Will Thomas, commented that there was no  "hard and fast rule" when it comes to dealing with claims that arise from motorists that put the wrong type of fuel into the car.

There are two main areas that this type of claim can come under according to Confused.com. Some insurance providers will consider it to be ‘accidental damage', while many others will actually see it as a failure on the part of the driver. Will Thomas recommends that individuals should raise the issue with insurance companies. This way if they are ever unlucky enough to find that they need to make a claim for such a error, they know where they stand.

Mr Thomas had these words of advice for anyone who finds themselves making the mistake, "accidents do happen, drivers realising they have done this should notify a breakdown company or local garage immediately and above all they must not drive the vehicle.”




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