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Dated: 19 May 2010

EU Tyre Market Shows Good Signs of Growth


Pirelli & C. Spa recently released data that seems to show that the replacement tyre market for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles has risen in Europe. The numbers point to a 14% year-on-year increase during April 2010. Although this figure is in fact less than the 20% improvement that was observed last March, it is in fact a “three point” advance on the market’s currently estimated 10.5 % year-to-date improvement.

Along with these figures, it seems that original equipment sales for all tyre brands sold in Europe have made an increase by 1% year-on-year throughout the month of April. This as it turns out is a great deal less than the average 19.25% improvement that has been recorded in the year-to-date figures.

As for the replacement truck tyre sales, there was a 20% year-on-year development in April, which again was slightly less than the average year-to-date rise – this is currently sitting at 32.75%.



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