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Dated: 14 May 2010

Conti Pleased With Auto Express Results


Continental has declared their happiness at Auto Express’ announcement detailing the winners of the 2010 Auto Express Products Awards. Conti releases a statement saying, “The magazine has revealed the top motoring products that can really add value to your car and has rated the ContiPremiumContact 2 as the best tyre to do just that.”

Auto Express described the ContiPremiumContact 2 by saying, “Unlike some designs which star in one performance area only, the PremiumContact 2 is a true all rounder. It stayed in the leading pack for all our tests.

So whether the roads are dry or soaked, you know you are on the right rubber with the Continental.”

In response to the high praise Continental product manager, Scott Benbow, said “We are really pleased that Continental has been recognised by this leading magazine.

The ContiPremiumContact 2 is no stranger to awards but knowing how tough the Auto Express test is, to perform consistently and come out as the best all-rounder is a real achievement.”

Continental’s 4x4 performance tyre also received high kudos with the testers remarking, “Another great showing from this top all-rounder. Again the Continental was near the top of the results table throughout”.



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