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Dated: 02 March 2010

Top 4x4 Tyre Manufacturers Named


On the back of the UK’s worst winter for decades and the important role that many SUV and 4x4’s drivers played during those times, the top 4x4 tyre manufactures were recently named. The market research, conducted by market analysts at Encircle Marketing, has compiled and analysed the brands that are most recommended to consumers when they are looking to buy new tyres.

Unsurprisingly – for most people – the majority of the ‘most recommended’ tyres were those who belong to a ‘Premium Brand’. In total over 60% of recommendations were premium brand tyres.

To give you a taste of how much these brands have dominated the list; take a look at the top 5:

  1. Bridgestone - 18.02%
  2. Pirelli - 10.4%
  3. Goodyear - 9.92%
  4. Michelin - 7.2%
  5. Avon - 6.40%

One other aspect that the market research revealed was the average price of the brands.
This seems to have played a part in Bridgestone ranking number one, as they were found to be the cheapest premium brand. The data revealed that on average, in January 2010, Bridgestone’s 4x4 tyres were found to be £14.98 less expensive, per tyre, than Pirelli - who were ranked second on the list.

In recent times many people have stated that this year spring has come early for the manufacturers of 4x4 tyres. Based on the data from Encircle it seems that this prediction is turning into a reality, especially for the Premium Brands.



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