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Dated: 30 March 2010

Retread Tyre Sales Keep Rolling On


More disturbing news was released yesterday by the ‘National Tyre Distributors Association’ on the subject of tyre retreads. Like TyreSafe’s research carried out in February, the NTDA release a report outlines that part worn tyres “pose a significant safety hazard to drivers and other road users.” It is believed that around two million part worn tyres are distributed in the UK passenger car replacement tyre market on an annual basis.

The NTDA survey, that was the origin of the report, revealed that of the NTDA members questioned, 65% came back and reported that there had been an increase in the sales of retread tyres in the their area.

Director of the NTDA, Richard Edy said, "Our survey indicates that part worn tyres continue to claim a significant section of the replacement tyre market and this is a cause for concern as the strict legislation surrounding the sale of these tyres is not being complied with and the authorities are not enforcing the law."

The major issue with buying part worn tyres is that you can never be sure of the tyres history and cannot tell whether or not they will truly live up to what is expected of them.

Richard Edy continued by saying, "Regulations exist to ensure that any part worn tyre sold in the UK should be safe. Sadly, the majority of part worn dealers do not comply with legislation. The maximum penalty for this is £5,000 or six months' imprisonment but, more importantly, these people are putting the lives of motorists at risk."

This is not just a British problem either. Reports coming from Germany from their ‘Federal Tyre Trade and the Vulcanizers' Skilled Trade Association’ (BRV) have  shown that during 2009 retreaded truck tyres have gained a larger market share than previously at the expense of brand new tyres.



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