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Dated: 01 March 2010

Continental Tyres "Highly Recommended" in Recent Tests


Continental’s ContiSportContact 3 and ContiPremiumContact 2 tyres have recently been the subject of a number of tests by some of the leading motoring organisations in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The results – published in the March edition of 3 highly respected magazines in each of the countries – have been very promising for the tyre manufacturer. Of the 36 tyre models that were tested seven were marked as “not recommended” and the two Continental tyres were of only 5 tyre sets to be rated as “highly recommended”.

According to Continental, those who did the testing praised their summer tyres most of all due to their “extremely balanced driving performance on dry roads and their positive characteristics in the wet”. It is reported – by Continental again – that both of their tyres were top when it came to assessing the driving capabilities of the 36 models on dry surfaces.

The new Barum Brillantis 2 – Continental’s latest budget tyre – also received good feedback in what was its debut. The tyre is designed with small compact cars in mind and received a “recommended” rating in its first test.

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