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Dated: 24 March 2010

Alarming Amount of Drivers Buying Used Tyres


A tenth of drivers, according to a new piece of research carried out by TyreSafe, are far more likely to purchase part worn tyres than they were a year ago.

The main reason unsurprisingly, seems to be the fact that part worn tyres cost less than brand new tyres. However, this is a very risky method of trying to save a few pennies and is ultimately a false economy. Drivers are significantly more likely to be involved in a crash when their car is fitted with part worn tyres.

One of the main reasons for the reduced safety capabilities of a part worn tyre is down to its internal structure. It’s true that for a part worn tyre to be sold it has to adhere to certain guidelines and must not have large cuts, bulges or lumps present on the tread. However TyreSafe warn that these tyre’s internal components are not tested using a x-ray machine and as such it is “impossible to tell what unseen damage may have occurred.”

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe warned, “Tyres play a critical role in vehicle safety and consequently, some very strict requirements exist regarding the sale of part worn tyres. If part worn tyres are bought from an unreliable source or do not meet the required standards, drivers could be placing themselves and other road users in significant danger. We understand the financial pressures being faced by many motorists but the risks associated with fitting part worn tyres are too high and we would always recommend fitting brand new tyres.”

At Blackcircles.com we also feel very strongly on this subject and would actively encourage motorists to not purchase and fit part worn tyres to their vehicles. After all, part worn is just another term for used and you can never be sure how your “new” tyres have been treated in the past. For the sake of your safety and the safety of those in the vehicle with you it is always best to go with tyres that have come straight from the production line.



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