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Dated: 16 March 2010

5 Important Motorbike Tyre Safety Checks


Last week Blackcircles.com reported on the fact that spring is slowly taking over from winter – well for the most part – and that a lot of motorbike enthusiasts will be eyeing the increasingly improved weather with much glee and anticipation.

It is finally that time of year once again when the motorcycle can be brought out from its winter hibernation and released into the wild once again.

However, before you scuttle off slip into your leathers and jam that helmet onto your head there are a few things that it would be very wise to check first. After a long time in storage, checking these simple things could ensure your safety out on the roads.

So without further ado, here are Blackcircles.com’s ‘5 important motorbike tyre safety checks’:

  1. Make sure that the tyres are cold (i.e. have not been ridden on for at least an hour) and check the air pressure using an accurate gauge. If the tyres need more pressure, inflate them to the recommended level as described in the manufacturer’s handbook.
  2. Examine each tyre carefully. Look out for cuts, unusual swelling, uneven wear or potentially dangerous objects that have become embedded in the tread.
  3. Whilst examining the tyre also check the rims. If they are damaged or warped they will need to be replaced straight away.
  4. Check that the depth of the tyre tread is not less than the legal minimum limit. For bikes over 50cc this limit is 1mm in the UK.
  5. Make sure that there is no oil or grease on your tyres. A good trick to stop these substances from clinging to your tyres is to use detergent.

Once all this is checked and are verified as being safe, all you have left to do is enjoy the ride.



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