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Dated: 14 June 2010

Understanding the ‘Green Fee’


Steps have been taken by the Tyre Recovery Association to try and improve public awareness of the ‘green fee’ that dealers charge to dispose old tyres when new ones are fitted. A collection of free posters and leaflets are being handed out when consumers buy new tyres. This material focuses on the wide range of uses and applications that the material produced, when a tyre is recycled, can be used for - for example, artificial football pitches, children’s playground surfaces and energy sources for cement kilns.

Secretary General of the Tyre Recovery Association, Peter Taylor OBE, said “Many motorists do not understand the complex operations and infrastructure that is required to dispose of used tyres in a safe, legal and environmentally sound manner. Consequently, many dealers face resentment from customers when they have to pay a recycling fee. These materials will help the trade explain to customers why the charge is levied, the processes involved and the many uses that the industry has devised for its waste materials.”

Back in 2006 the disposal of tyres in landfill sites was completely banned and at present, more than 45 million used tyres are correctly recycled and disposed of each year, thanks to the Responsible Recycler Scheme (RRS). A scheme set up by the heads of the tyre industry.

The scheme is currently the largest voluntary tyre recovery programme in Europe. Its main aims are to work towards making sure used tyres are collected, handled and reprocessed in line with both UK and European regulations.

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