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Dated: 28 June 2010

Tyre Thief Too ‘Tyred’ To Run Away


Apologies for the bad title pun, but when a story like this comes across your desk it is all you can do to not write down a cheesy title like that.

Anyway yesterday (June 27th), in Austria, a thief made off with a number of tyres that he had stolen from a store in the Northern Austrian town of Gmunden. Luckily an employee spotted the man making off at high speed with the tyres in the back of his car and phoned the police with the registration plate details. So, when the call when out for police patrol cars to be on the lookout for the car I don’t think they would have expected to find the car, outside a carwash, with the thief inside - fast asleep.

The 23 year-old was arrested immediately, having been on the run for a mere twenty minutes. When questioned about the crime, the man explained that he had stolen the tyres to finance his drug habit.

This guy, it seems, could be in line for a Darwin award in the near future.

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