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Dated: 03 June 2010

Riding Your Motobike During The Summer


Summer is officially in full swing. Whether or not it is going to be a barbeque summer like we've been promised for the last few years is yet to be seen. Having said that, all signs so far seem to point towards it being one fantastic season for motorbike owners – even up here in Scotland! With the winter we’ve just had, we here at Blackcircles.com think that it will be a richly deserved treat for all bikers.
One word of warning though before the fun begins: we realise that a lot of you will be dying to get out there and enjoy the thrill of the open road, but before slipping into your leathers and putting on your bike helmet make sure that you’ve made all the appropriate safety checks on your motorbike.

By following some simple and quick checks, you will ensure that you get the most out of your bike and that you are safe whilst out and about.

Some quick safety checks include:

  • Draining old fluids and replacing them with new ones.
  • Checking the battery.
  • Checking all the cables.
  • Testing that your tyres have the correct air pressure.
  • Test the tread depth of your motorbike's tyres – if it is too low make sure to buy some new bike tyres before setting off.

So, once you’ve given your motorbike a good service and made sure that everything is as it should be, all you have left to do is enjoy the riding season.



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