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Dated: 13 July 2010

Tyre Aging Law Needed Says Coroner


In Gloucestershire the long debate focusing on whether or not a tyre aging law should be introduced was re-ignited when a coroner called for a ban that would see all vehicle tyres, over ten years old, made illegal.

The coroner, Alan Crickmore, has gone as far as writing to the Transport Secretary calling for the law to be changed upon hearing that a mother with two children was killed when 13-year-old tyres were fitted to her car.

The incident happened when Nazma Shaheen was driving her Toyota Lucida north on the M5. Unfortunately the 13-year-old tyre burst and caused the car to veer wildly. It clipped a kerb on the hard shouler, causing the vehicle to roll over. Mrs Shaheen was tragically thrown clear of the vehicle on May 6 last year.

The coroner who carried out the post mortem after the incident recorded her death as accidental, but added that it could have been avoided if Mrs Shaheen’s car had not been fitted with old tyres.

At present the there is no law that dictates that a tyre cannot be used after a certain age. However, manufacturers agree that once a tyre reaches the age of 10-years-old it should no longer be used. A number of retailers – Blackcircles.com included – do not sell tyres that are six years or older.

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