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Dated: 19 July 2010

'Square Tyre' Warning for Motorbike Owners


National Motorcycle Week is upon us and TyreSafe has released a statement warning motorbike riders of the danger of ‘square tyres’. This odd problem occurs on bike tyres after they are continuously used on fast straight routes – such as motorways.

When a motorcycle owner takes a long journey down a motorway, the end result after a lot of motorway riding is that the tyre’s sidewall and tread begin to ‘square-off’. This in turns causes the tyres to lose grip once they are taken off the motorways and used on windy roads.

The motorcycle tyre technical specialist for TyreSafe, Gary Hartshorne, says that this squaring off of tyres cannot be stopped due to the shape and design of motorbike tyres. If the motorbike owner rides in a consistent manner, however and sticks to winding roads, the phenomena takes a lot longer to occur – increasing the longevity of the tyre’s life.

Gary Hartshorne was quoted as saying, “It also depends on the materials used, the compound of the tyre and the original profile of the tyre when new. Some tyres have a flatter profile to start with while others can be very pointy. The more ‘pointy’ they start out as, the more the squaring-off will become apparent as the tyre gets older.”

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