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Dated: 16 July 2010

Regular Car Servicing Is Important


It is not always a popular thing, but getting your car serviced on a regular basis is very important. We know that in these financially hard times, motorists like to skip the odd car service as they believe it saves them money. However, reports recently released have gone a long way in showing that by missing a car service; you are entering into a false economy.

Figures reported on autoblog.com show that MOT failure rates have reached a record 37%. This was for cars and small vans and the figures are based on last year. In most instances, the failures were a result of tyres, lights, brakes and suspension.

So, by trying to save a few quick bucks on servicing, these motorists end up paying more down the line to ensure that their car passes a MOT the second time round. When a car is serviced regularly, these small issues are picked up on and  and be fixed at a reasonable price – not later when they are a big problem.

Luckily for motorists, we offer cheap car servicing, up to 60% off the prices quoted by many of the mainstream dealers. So, next time you need a service and are worrying about the price, call us on 0845 450 0480  to get yourself a quote – we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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