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Dated: 01 July 2010

Part Worn Tyre Dangers


A new report from TyreSafe has been released on the risks that come with purchasing part-worn tyres. This came about after the revelation that some trading standards officers from Birmingham City Council examined a number of part worn tyres being sold within the city. They were shocked to discover that 9 out of the 10 tyres tested actually failed the legal requirements set out by British law in relation to tyre retail. The main reasons for the failures included embedded nails, illegal tread depth levels and inadequate sidewall markings. In one instance, it was discovered that a tyre that was 17 years old.

TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson explained, "The results from the Birmingham investigation are extremely worrying and confirm our worst fears about part worn tyres.

“Although guidelines do exist about the condition of tyres being sold as part-worns, they are clearly not being adhered to by all traders. The types of faults found are extremely dangerous and if fitted to a vehicle, could have caused serious accident and injury.

“This serves as a warning to drivers and we would re-iterate our position that we would always recommend fitting brand new tyres."

Teams from TyreSafe decided to do their own tests upon hearing the results from Birmingham City Council. Over the course of the testing, 200 part worn tyres were purchased. It was found that 25 per cent had some form of structural defect. Many had the same problems as stated by the Council, while 90 per cent did not have the markings that are required by the law to warn buyers that they are purchasing part-worn tyres.

Councillor Neil Eustace, chairman of Birmingham Public Protection Committee, was quoted as saying, "We are disappointed by the increase in this year's failure rates. Over the last nine years we have made significant efforts and progress in educating traders across the city about their responsibilities in selling part worn tyres. However, the latest results show that this is not a problem we can forget about and requires a programme of ongoing policing and education."

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