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Dated: 22 July 2010

London Contains The Most Uninsured Drivers


In light of a report released recently by the Motor Insurers' Bureau it appears that the area of the UK with the highest percent of uninsured drivers is London. Not surprising though really, seen as London has the biggest population.

These figures come along with the news of a successful attempt (got to take the good with the bad it seems) to reduce the number of motorists without car insurance with new initiatives and an increase in police operations, which has seen the overall number drop 20 per cent.  The Bureau has estimated that at present around 11 per cent of motorists within London are driving without adequate (or in some cases no) cover.

When the statistics are broken down by postcode rather than city however, the worst areas for uninsured motorists are actually found much further north.

The worst five areas (by postcode) are:

1.BD3 - Barkerend, Bradford
2.M12 - West Gorton, Manchester
3.B10 - Small Heath, Birmingham
4.B21 - Handsworth, Birmingham
5.B8 - Saltley, Birmingham

Another set of figures has come out and it is reckoned that motorists without any car insurance cause the deaths of 160 people and injure 23,000 every year, which amounts to a £500m annual bill for the industry - something which the honest motorists pay for with premiums reaching an average of £30/month at present.

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