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Dated: 26 July 2010

BB1 Car and Motorised Wheels By 2012


It’s been over a year now since Peugeot showed off their odd looking BB1 concept car at the Frankfurt Motorshow. The BB1 is only 2.5 metres instead of being powered by an engine, gets its power from electric motors embedded in the rear wheels – thanks to Michelin. The chance to own a BB1 is now getting closer it seems, as the car manufacturer has moved the status of the BB1 from concept to project.  Therefore it is estimated that a product version could be on the markets by 2012, or 2013.

The power units have evolved from the Michelin’s Active Wheel. Last year, the Michelin Group’s global vice president for Sustainable Development, Patrick Oliva, said “In the case of this motorised wheel we have eliminated the central electric suspension to concentrate primarily on the two functions, braking and electric traction.

“This concept is extremely interesting also because the electric motors that we’re using are high power density traction motors, and in the case of the models which have been developed with Peugeot on the one side and Renault on the other side, we open up new levels of freedom for the design of vehicles. This has been extremely well represented in the case of the BB1 concept developed by Peugeot, where we have a car that is extremely small but offers at the same time a space which is optimised.”

So, within the next few years you could be seeing these odd looking creations zipping around the streets and roads of Britain. We’re sure you’ll agree that it will be an interesting sight.

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