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Dated: 20 July 2010

Autoblog Article With Blackcircles.com Comment


If, over the weekend, you happened to be searching the internet and came across the AOL home page, or the autoblog.com website, you may have spotted the article that was put together regarding the tyre regulations coming into force in 2012. These new laws will require all new tyres to carry information that grades wet braking, rolling resistance and noise levels.

As part of their research, the editors over at autoblog.com contacted Blackcircles.com’s own Michael Welch (Managing Director & Founder) to find out his views on what this new legislation will mean to consumers and to those working in the tyre industry.

Michael responded by saying “As well as giving the customer more information – and therefore making them much more confident in their purchases – I believe the new labels will be extremely important in helping the EU in its quest to drastically lower Co2 emissions and noise levels.

"Once the customers are able to clearly see which tyres are the most eco-friendly, I feel that we'll see a steady increase in the standard and efficiency of tyres on the market. The tyres which do not grade well on important issues like wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise levels will be gradually phased out, thanks to a reduction in demand."

This is a view shared by many within the tyre industry and one that is shared amongst all our tyre experts here at Blackcircles.com

You can read the whole article and even leave your comments by visiting the autoblog.com website.

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