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Dated: 12 July 2010

Are You Sick of Illegal Tyre Dumping?


If you are sick of people dumping tyres illegally near you, there is now a central point of contact you can report to. The UK's Environment Agency has set up a small team to fight back against the illegal tyre dumpers. The team is led by a former police officer and is in the process of building an intelligence database which is set to counter illegal tyre disposal.

Roy Howitt the project leader and former police officer has said that his ultimate goal is to use the newly created database to identify the pattern of people who dispose tyres illegally. They then plan to use this data track down and prosecute the gangs that dispose of tyres illegally.

Roy Howitt also said, “The aim is to encourage those in the tyre trade to pass on data about illegal activities. Anyone with relevant information should contact me directly.

“Such action is strongly in the interests of legal operators as those who do not have licenses and do not dispose of their tyres according to the law operate at much lower costs than those who fully comply with the rules - if rogue operators can be closed down then legal firms will find it easier to build a successful business”.

The project is set to be funded until March 2011. By then the hope is that the project can be strongly established before the money runs out. If that is the case, they can then become self-sustaining within the overall funding of the Environment Agency.

In case of a worst case scenario however, the Agency trying to apply for money from the EU. This is to keep the project going beyond March 2011, if money from elsewhere dries up, or  they are unable to make itself self-sufficient in that timescale.

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