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Dated: 26 January 2010

‘Tyresaver' Launch


Nitrlife are a South African company that were the first active supporters of the use of nitrogen in car tyres back in the mid nineties. It was in 1995 that extensive field tests of the use of the gas instead of “air” first took place, and on the back of those successful trials, Nitrlife was set up a year later.
Nitrogen is widely believed by many people to be a more appropriate gas to use in tyres as it takes longer for nitrogen to permeate and escape through the rubber compounds of a tyre, therefore expanding the life-span of the tyre.

Since its creation in 1996, the company has installed more than 400 nitrogen generating plants for use on all forms of tyre – from passenger car all the way up to giant earthmovers – throughout Africa and has even had some success in introducing nitrogen filled tyres into the USA.

It is expected that during Tyrexpo Africa, Nitrlife will launch their new handheld mobile nitrogen generator called the “Tyresaver”. The unit functions by removing all air out of a tyre, before re-inflating it with nitrogen.


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