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Dated: 05 January 2010

Tyres Made From Weeds


Sounds like a Beatles song doesn’t it? You might be surprised to read however, that it could in fact be a reality in the near future. Research is currently taking place – in Germany and America - into extracting the rubber content of some species of weed. Not that kind of weed before you think something dodgy is going on here at Blackcircles.com! It’s my fault I suppose, putting The Beatles in your head.
According to The Economist, there is a Russian variety of Dandelion that produces rubber molecules capable of performing tasks that more conventional rubber plants are used for. If this research from across the channel and across the pond is successful, then oil could be replaced by dandelions as the main material used in the production of tyres.

This would be a major breakthrough for tyre manufacturers, who are constantly trying to find a way to reduce their carbon footprint without reducing their product numbers. The great thing about dandelions as well… they’re renewable.

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