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Dated: 18 January 2010

TIA Sets Sight on a 'Greener' Future


The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has announced the creation the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC). This new organisation has been created to fulfil Wayne Crowell’s promise - which he made when he became the President of the TIA – to further strengthen the tyre industry’s commitment to tyre recycling and other environmentally friendly issues. According to a TIA press release on the 14th January, the EAC will “provide strategic information, advisory services, educational programs, and governmental assistance that promote environmental awareness throughout the tyre industry”.

In the past, the Rubber Recycling Advisory Council (TRRAC) brought together the top intellectual minds from the tyre and rubber recycling sector to try and find ways to deal with “green” issues. The EAC, which is replacing the TRRAC, is set to take things even further however, as it brings together the brightest minds from every part of the tyre industry. This will lead, it is believed, to a more energy efficient and greener TIA, which will in turn, will inspire the rest of the tyre industry to implement changes for the better.

Wayne Crowell, TIA President, had this to say on the creation of the new organisation, “it’s clear that ‘green’ issues are becoming more and more enmeshed in both our personal and professional lives, and thus, I wanted to take a broader, more holistic approach to how tire dealers and the tire industry can better understand and implement ‘green’ concepts and practices into every aspect of the industry – from cutting down on paper use in the office to the utilization of environmentally-friendly technologies on the shop floor, to finding new and exciting ways to utilize scrap tires”.

Each member of the EAC has been specifically selected by Wayne Crowell and is an expert in their particular sector of the tyre industry.



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