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Dated: 20 January 2010

The World's Most Expensive Set of Passenger Car Tyres


Have you got a spare £23,500 lying around in your bank? You do?! Fantastic! That means you have exactly the right amount of cash needed to buy the world’s most expensive passenger car tyres. Oh, you don’t have that kind of cash; you were only pulling my leg - shame on you.

Ever get the feeling you’ve written yourself into a cul-de-sac? I’ll reverse out and start again:

Recently the Autocar website published an article where it stated that in order to replace the tyres of a Bugatti Veyron, the car owner would have to shell out £23,500.

What is the main reason for this astronomical price you may ask? Well, it stems from the the fact that all four tyres need to be capable of maintaining their grip, handling and braking capabilities at a staggering 253 mph (that’s 100mph fast than the speed at which a Concorde used to land – a helpful fact pointed out by Autocar).

If you were wondering which tyres come as OE on the Bugatti Veyron, howstuffworks.com had the answer: “Michelin created completely new tires to handle the Veyron's unique requirements - in the rear, the tires are 14.4 inches (36.6 cm) wide. Specifically, the tires measure 245/690 R 520 A front and 365/710 R 540 A rear, where 245 and 365 are the width in millimeters.”

 It’s a lot of money, but then again, if you have the kind of bank balance that allows you to buy the Bugatti Veyron, £23,500 probably seems like just a drop in the ocean...



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